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Apartment Rental Criteria

General Requirements

  • Applicant(s) must be a minimum of 18 years of age.
  • Positive identification with a picture will be required at the time application is submitted.
  • A complete and accurate application listing a current and at least one previous rental reference with phone numbers will be required.
  • Each applicant will be required to qualify individually unless applicants are married for at least one year.
  • Members of households who are 18 years of age or older and will be living with applicant(s) shall pass a public records screening.

Income / Employment Requirements

  • Gross monthly verifiable household income must equal or exceed three (3) times the stated monthly rent.
  • A current paycheck stub may be required.
  • Some form of verifiable income will be required for unemployed applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to: Bank accounts. Alimony/child support, trust accounts, social security, unemployment benefits, welfare, grants/loans.)
  • Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year’s tax return.
  • Students with no verifiable means of income may be accepted with a qualified co-signor.

Rental Requirements

  • One year of positive verifiable housing history from a third party landlord is required. In the event applicant does not have12 months of verifiable housing history, a qualified co-signor may be required.
  • Home ownership will be verified. Mortgage payments must reflect no more than four (4) late payments in the past two (2) years.
  • Eviction-free rental history is required.
  • The application will be denied if rental history demonstrates noise or other complaints, or when the previous manager will not re-rent due to rental problems.
  • The application will be denied if rental history demonstrates three or more three-day notices or two or more NSF checks within a period of one year.

Public Records

  • Upon receipt of the rental application deposit and screening fee, landlord shall conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant has a criminal record.
  • Criminal history will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into consideration the type of infraction, how long ago the infraction occurred, the total number of infractions, and what applicant has done since the infraction was committed.

Credit Requirements

  • Outstanding collections in the past two years being reported on the credit report (exclusive of medical collections) will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Identifiable outstanding landlord debt will result in the denial of the application. Reconsideration may be made upon proof of payment of outstanding landlord debt.
  • Credit reports reflecting slow pay on three accounts may  require an additional deposit amount equal to one month’s rent.
  • Applicant must have at least (4) established credit sources, e.g. credit card, loan, installment payments, etc.

Cosigner Qualifications

  • Verifiable monthly income must equal a minimum of four (4) times the applicant’s rent. (Verifiable income may mean Bank Accounts and Trust Accounts.)
  • Outstanding bad debt, i.e., slow pay, collections, repossessions, liens, judgments, and wage garnishment programs, will result in denial of a co-signor.

Denial Process

If your application has been denied and you feel that you qualify as a resident under the criteria described above, you may choose to do the following:

  • Contact the company that supplied the information to discuss your application.
  • Correct any incorrect information through the credit-reporting agency as per their policy.
  • Request the credit-reporting agency to submit a corrected credit check to the appropriate screening company.
  • Upon receipt of the corrected and satisfactory information, your application will be re-evaluated for the next available apartment.